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Vipreska confirms her quality and Papillon shows a lot of premise at his first World Cup show.

Papillon Z
Papillon Z

This morning Vipreska showed in the 1.45m final which was more like a 1.50m class. She jumped the first round clear and with ease. Departing 2nd in the jump off, Gregory took all the risks but unfortunately had a fault at the triple bar. Regardless, it was a nice 8th place finish in the final.

As for Papillon, he showed very good characteristics in the World Cup class, finishing on 8 faults. One fault was at jump number 4 and following that, Gregory, thinking of the time allowed, took a little too big a risk turning back to the last line and was penalized a second fault. Unfortunately, following a slight injury to the stallion, as determined by the judges upon exiting the ring, the last minute decision was made to disqualify the couple. This was a severe sanction for a small cut on the horse’s flank but Gregory had no choice but to accept their decision.