Gregory Wathelet

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Gregory takes the lead at the Championship after the speed class…

Gregory chose his young hope, 8 yo Sea Coast Forlap, to show in the Belgium Championship for seniors.
This choice starts as a triumph for them with a perfect round and the fastest time over the course, placing them in the lead prior to the 2nd round tomorrow.
“Sea Coast Forlap jumped simply magnificent. I hesitated to take too much risk in this speed phase as I went early in the class and also because he is only 8 years old and lacks a little experience. But after the first 3 jumps, he felt perfect with me and ready to take more risk than I had anticipated. I did not think that I would end up at the head of the class, but its great… tomorrow we will have another class with a more technical course and certainly bigger jumps but Sea Coast Forlap seems to be in great form!”