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Last week Gregory participated in the Young Horse Championship of Belgium at Gesves. He took two six year olds, Vargas de St. Hermelle and Rheza de St. Hermelle, and one five year old, Sieur de St. Hermelle, along with Bayamo who jumped in the seven year old horse qualifications.

The championship and the qualifications took place over three days. On the first day, Sieur, Vargas, and Bayamo jumped without faults. Rheza had less luck and exited the course with two rails and some time faults. On the second day, Vargas and Sieur qualified for the finals but Rheza's show was over with eight faults. Bayamo qualified for the jumpoff and Gregory decided to race against the time - a first for this young horse - and they finished with an unfortuate eight fault score.

The next day Bayamo jumped to qualify for the final which was scheduled to take place on Monday, August 15. This day was full of emotion as Gregory fell with the horse who misunderstood where his front legs were at the base of an obstacle. This was a spectacular fall but fortunately it looked worse that it was!!

At last, the final day of the show arrived with two classes remaining. Gregory and Sieur de St. Hermelle qualified for the five year old final and Vargas de St. Hemelle qualified for the six year old final. The day started with Sieur who unfortunately finished with eight faults. Gregory was very happy with the performance of his young horse. Next, the six year old class started very well for our couple, Wathelet and Vargas who qualified for the jump off. The chance of a good prize was slim given the competition that was there. Gregory and Vargas showed towards the end of the class which was a slight advantage but he did not blow away the time. He still finished in a very good 3rd place, a result he could be proud of with this young horse.

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